Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity is a bit like AdLibs, but instead of filling in your own answers, you choose a random card to complete the first card's sentence. The completed sentences are often satirical in nature with unusual elements to them.

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1. Pretend You're Xyzzy
2. Cards For Humanity
3. Armed Cards

If you're of the politically incorrect sort with a juvenile sense of humor, there's a card game that's been created just for you. The hilarious and uproarious game Cards Against Humanity has taken party-goers by storm. Prepare yourself for laughter.

Players are dealt ten white cards at the beginning of the game. White cards are used to complete the sentences on the black cards. One of the players, known as the Card Czar, will draw black cards to read out loud. Each player will pass a face down card to the czar, and they will choose the funniest completion to the sentence. The person whose phrase is chosen will get an “Awesome Point.”

By the way, just to add an element of bathroom humor to the game, the Card Czar is the person who “most recently pooped.” New card czars are chosen each round, obviously in the order everyone has pooped. We're serious. Players can also cash in Awesome Points in order to lay down an extra white card for a greater chance of their completed sentence being chosen. Some black cards will have multiple blank spaces that let players pick two or three cards instead of one.

Players have the option to download a free PDF file to print their own cards. The website claims you can print your cards using their instructions for only $10, which is less than half of the normal purchase price. There have been multiple expansions of Cards Against Humanity (six in total), and fans can submit their own ideas for cards using the website's suggestion box. The game's creators clearly have a sense of humor far better than the average human being. Just take a look at some of their FAQ questions/answers.

Just like the creators, you have to have a lenient sense of humor when playing this game. Tender hearts are not welcome at the card table. Cards Against Humanity is addictive and fun to a fault, and players can't seem to get enough of the crazy phrases the cards come up with. The rules are simple, which is pretty necessary for a party game where players might have inbibed. Some cards are actually pretty mild. Disappointed souls who don't play past the first normal sentence will regret not continuing. The game gets better the longer you play it.